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Breaking away from a single, traditional model may seem unusual, we see it as pioneering.  At the heart of TLB is a 3-model approach.  The aim being to give clients the flexibility and control over how they implement new digital solutions and refine existing approaches.

Fully funded - We fund your online project as our Investment.

  • We work with you on a joint venture basis to identify the aims and objectives for your business.  By doing so we take a significant proportion of the risk and implement the right digital solutions to help your business grow.   This allows you to divert capital resources to other areas of your business without disruption to your cashflow. More information can be found here.

Pay as you go - the traditional model of paying for work on a per project basis.

  • For clients who are looking to realise a specific digital objective, we continue to offer a per-project model that specifically focuses on delivering the right solution for your business.   Most importantly, we ensure that all our work is future-proofed and is able to integrate with additional digital solutions at a later date (we don't like silos). More information can be found here.

Pay Monthly - avoid one-off high cost of a project & spread the cost over easy monthly payments .

  • For those who wish to spread the cost over the duration of the project we offer pay monthly options.  This avoids the large upfront fee usually associated with the implementation of e-commerce or web solutions. 

Our investment is your business. 


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